UV Sterilizer / UV LED Disinfection

Best solution for public interactive display and unmanned kiosks in preparation for POST – Covid19

Why NXO’ UV LED Sterilizer
  • Chemical free and Non toxic disinfection
  • UV C UV A LED sterilizes the touch monitor surface to minimize public users’ anxiety
  • 99.9% sterilization effect
    – sterilization effect may be affected depending on test conditions and environment
  • When the user approaches sterilization is stopped by the installed motion detection sensor
Functional features
  • Auto UV sterilization activation & deactivation by detecting user
  • PCAP Touch sensor glass installed ( 10points multi touch )
  • Easy Kiosk installation (Side mountable holes) and custom design available if required
  • Marketing effect by UV lighting for sterilization
  • Display size up to 43” available
  • Recommendable for Food Franchises, Ticketing machine, Information display in public area